Work In Progress / 24 August 2021

Chess Characters 02 ♟ Black Pawn Sketch

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Chess is a game of combat between the opposite sides: white and black, light and dark. Some articles say it also symbolizes a fight between good-evil, values-ego, or interior-exterior… and so it reflects on such struggles in humans' life.

Generally, in my preferred stories, none of the characters are only black or white: they all have light and dark sides. So like my chess characters: they start on one side of the arena but I like to think about them having either light and darkness inside. Similar to the Yin and yang symbol: each side has a small portion from the other. I design their features and outfit following this concept.

*The pawns in chess are practically armed peasants, so I imagine them in simple and worn-out outfits. Similarly, I give them axes, daggers, or such, and I keep the swords for the officers, especially for the knights. I try to sympathize with both sides, so I imagine the black pawn as a demonic male character who is strong, tall, and clever, and he is the one who takes the next step after the white pawn (see my previous post). To be continued…