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Six Fanarts

Hi Everyone,

I am Zita. This is my first time writing a blog here, and the very first time writing a blog in English.
I'm gonna do my best and thank you in advance for reading! 

So just let's jump in the middle:

#SixFanarts is one of the best challenges I took part in lately and I really enjoyed it! It is such a great idea to place 6 characters on a sheet - by adjusting their style - who came from possibly completely different stories. These particular characters have been suggested by my followers and friends after I asked them to do, via my Instagram and I may do other sheets. Here, eventually, we have ended up in a witchy, spooky world.

Portrait-drawing is my cherished topic since my childhood. The very first thing that we can see of a character is usually the outfit, but I like to know more about those who I draw. So here I want to share some background stories about them, and my way of working:

--- For those who do not know these characters yet: FROM THIS POINT THERE COULD POSSIBLY BE SPOILERS! ---

1) Triss Merigold - The Witcher

I knew Triss from the show, but I had to dig into the book and the game a bit and used them as a base. Therefore I drew Triss’s hair to have "chestnut" and "ginger" colors and her eyes to be blue. Her dress is the alternative costume from The Witcher III. game - it was demanded by my follower who suggested to draw her, also to follow the game's version. But I have to mention, that I saw Anna Shaffer (actress of Triss in the TV show) at Comic-Con Prague 2020 (8. February), and she is a very nice, sympathetic person, also really beautiful :) Fun fact: did you know that she was Romilda Vane in the Harry Potter series?

2) Jughead Jones - Riverdale / Archie comics

Riverdale is one of my beloved shows on Netflix. I have finished the 4th season lately, and it was the greatest for me so far. Jughead is one of my favorites from the guys (also my friend's favorite) and from the girls I dig Cheryl the most. This show has many great characters. Earlier, I looked up to the comic and found that it is based on the Archie comics (from 1939 - wiki). I bought a later version illustrated by Fiona Staples (also know from the Saga comics) because I love Fiona's style. For Jughead's character I prefer the show’s version, so basically, Cole Sprouse as Jughead was my model.

3) Morgana Pendragon - The Adventures of Merlin

Lately, we have watched the whole TV series with my boyfriend and we loved it. Earlier I drew a portrait about Merlin - Colin Morgan, so maybe, this time, it was Morgana's turn. Lately, I did not really draw villains, rather divisive characters. So it is a sort of stepping out of my comfort zone. I like the complexity of all characters in this show. However, Morgana ends up being a great (and quite evil) villain, after all, for me, she is still kinda divisive, such as her father, Uther. Katie McGrath is a brilliant actress!  As for Morgana's appearance, I like her gothic witch style - which showed itself for me from the beginning - and her facial expressions the most. But as for the great faces, I could tell it about all the actors and actresses in the show. It is hard to find such a great medieval-fantasy series that is so hilarious and so dramatic at the same time. I am still searching for new ones.

4) Zoya the Destroya' - Glow

I did not know Zoya the Destroya (Glow tv show - Netflix) before, so I had to do some research. After all, I started to watch the show and I wasn't bored at all! I have finished the 1st season, so I think, partially I know her already. I believe, Alison Brie is an excellent actress, and this red costume is my favorite from the show, especially because of the floating hair and the witchy make-up style. I think, Zoya, i.e. Ruth, and the story of Glow shows nicely how people can do good or bad things and also, how they can actually act in particular roles - which not necessarily make them being a good or bad person or being equal with the role. I would also highlight the sports side of the show, and I have never thought about wrestling like this before.

5) Miss Peregrine - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Yes, I knew her and I loved the movie! For some reason, Eva Green wasn't my favorite actress earlier but now I like her a lot! She was perfect for this role and also in the Casino Royale. I was hesitating to show Miss Peregrine with the pipe or the pocket watch, or both, but eventually, I just simply like her in this featuring position with the pipe, and I love her blue hair. One of the best movies from Tim Burton.

6) Napstablook - Undertale

Napstablook is probably the biggest weirdo here - if it is even possible. I didn't know him or the Undertale game before. But from what I can tell, it is quite an acknowledged indie game that got several awards, and as I read, it inspired other game developers either. The story and the vibe remind me of a bit Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, but I haven't played with the game yet.

Process and tools

The whole work took me around 15 working hours (+research) separated in some days and I drew everything with Procreate (I use paper textures for the background provided by Grutbrushes). I used multiple references for all the characters. I built them up next to each other quite parallelly. I have placed the characters into separate images by Photoshop, only after finishing the whole sheet.  I like this partially sketchy, loose style but I also like to paint and clean out my works. I was hesitating to go forward and polish them more or just leave it like this. After all, I feel like this imperfection is quite expressive, or as Leonardo said once "Art is never finished, only abandoned.".

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope it gives you some inspiration. Feel free to tell me about your favorite characters from these stories, I like to talk about such a thing, and I am open to hearing any of your related opinions, either about the characters, the shows, my versions here, or your experience with this challenge.

Everyone keep up with the great work and take care!

Zita Varga, 22. May 2020