Work In Progress / 07 August 2021

Chess Characters 01 ♟ White Pawn Sketch

When I was a kid I use to take some chess classes and tried a few competitions and I have a wooden carved chess set. About a year ago I’ve added an idea to my “to draw” list that says “make the chess pieces like if they were persons”. In the meantime, I’ve seen the Queen’s Gambit as well 😮… long and short of it is I love chess ♟ and I’m gonna draw my chess characters now. 😌

This first sketch is the white pawn. Some things I keep in mind: pawns take the first step (or the knight can start too): pawns have the most pieces (8+8) but the lowest power, also they tend to be sacrificed for a greater purpose, however, they can transform into any other piece (commonly the Queen) if they reach the last opposite row (the enemy’s territory).

It will be a series so I’ll process with them parallel (to have a unified style at the end) while sharing the progress with you. I draw inspiration from the history, rules, and symbolism of chess; from artistic and mythological refs I've researched; and from my imagination. 

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